The Government confirmed that there will be a new bonus for retirees

The national government announced that it will pay a new bonus to reinforce the income of Argentine retirees, as announced last Wednesday by the new Minister of Economy, Productive Development, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Serge Massa; who announced that the amount of the same will be announced on August 10 when the new Retirement Mobility Index is presented.

The benefit, which will pay the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) to retirees across the country, will be effective together with the increase in pensions scheduled for Septemberaccording to the official at the press conference he gave at the Palacio de Hacienda after his inauguration.

Next Wednesday and together with the head of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), Fernanda Raventa, “The retirement mobility index is going to be announced with a reinforcement that helps retirees to overcome the damage caused by inflation”, he explained when presenting the first economic measures of his administration. In accordance with the provisions of the Mobility Law, the ANSES will announce this month the increase for the next quarter in retirement, pensions, family and universal allowances. The increase is based on the calculation established by the Mobility Law, which updates the amounts based on a coefficient prepared in equal parts by the pension collection and the Average Taxable Remuneration of Stable Workers (RIPTE).

In mid-May, the agency announced a 15% increase for June-Augustwhich brought the minimum retirement amount to $37,524.96 and the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and Pregnancy to $7,332.

The previous adjustments were 8.07% for the March-May 2021 quarter, 12.12% for June-August, 12.39% for September-November, 12.11% for December 2021-February 2022 and 12 .28% for March-May this year.

Likewise, Massa anticipated that he will convene the business and trade union entities to “ensure a mechanism that allows the recovery of income of workers in the private sector” and advanced “a policy of reorganization of social programs”, among another battery of economic measures designed to try to stop the escalation of inflation and alleviate the harsh economic crisis that the country is going through.

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