The Government prepares new controls to stop the outflow of dollars

The Chief of Staff of the Nation, John Manzurrevealed that New measures will be implemented to control imports and avoid speculative maneuvers amid the escalation in the price of the dollar in all the country. The initiatives, which would be announced in the next few days, would not, however, affect the dollar known as a tourist and purchases made with credit cards.

The Argentine official announced in a press conference that the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán is working on a series of “actions” to react to the rise in the blue dollar recorded in recent days in the midst of the run against the debt in pesos and the agitated global markets. “The minister -for Guzmán- is working under the indication of the president in certain actions that are going to be taken that surely in the next few days he will formalize them before the press,” he said before the journalists’ consultation.

Following the same line, Manzur said: “What we see is that we are going to prioritize growth, we are going to prioritize work, inclusion, development, within the framework of a very federal country”and without giving more details about it, he closed the statements on the subject.

This series of measures planned by the Government would not point to a hardening for the purchase of dollars; This will not affect the dollar card and tourist cards either, but rather they will go through better control of imports, for which many currencies leave, and many others that are made for speculative and unnecessary purchases abroad.


According to official data, between January and April the State imported almost 25,000 million dollars, at a rate of 6,200 million per month; and in May, with preliminary estimates, foreign purchases would have exceeded USD 7,500 million, which would imply the highest monthly figure so far this year. A part of that total is explained by the import of energy with prices much higher than expected due to the jump in international values ​​due to the war in Ukraine.

The official gaze is set on those numbers. The departure of Matías Kulfas from the Ministry of Productive Development, meanwhile, creates the opportunity for a change of course in that direction.

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