The Government proposes that from 2041 no more vehicles 0 km with combustion engine be sold

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 | 8:28 p.m.

The Sustainable Mobility project presented today by the national government foresees that from 2041 no more vehicles or kilometers with internal combustion engine will be sold, marking the limit to the local manufacture of units that use hydrocarbons as fuel.

The text states that from the year 2041 new vehicles with internal combustion engines may not be marketed in the national territory, and covers all land mobility, whether they are light, medium, heavy, passenger, cargo, micromobility, or mobile phones. experimental, among others.

In this way, the Government and the automotive terminals intend to hasten the transformation of the industry that has adapted its infrastructure to the production of conventional vehicles and in less than two decades will have to complete a production model oriented to new sustainable sources.

For this, it was agreed to create a regime that will promote design, research, innovation, development, production, commercialization, conversion and / or use of vehicles powered by sustainable energy sources and that will also promote parts, assemblies and auxiliary equipment in the territory of the country.

The premise highlighted by the national government is that Argentina becomes an export platform for new electric vehicles for the region, or the sources of propulsion that the industry will develop in the coming years.

With the goal of 2041, incentives will be promoted through a regime of benefits both for the demand that makes up the public who buys vehicles, and for the supply, that is, automotive terminals, auto parts, manufacturers of batteries and chargers.

The project also seeks to develop the entire value chain that begins with the production of lithium and other essential minerals for the electrification process, such as the manufacture of batteries, auto parts for new models, up to the mass production of vehicles.

In this sense, the creation of the National Agency for Sustainable Mobility is framed, whose main mission will be to promote scientific and technological development and turn it over to the productive system of Sustainable Mobility, and at the same time it will carry out the observation and monitoring of international trends, regulations and certifications and technological changes in the sector.

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