The Grand Theft Auto developers about the leak: – Very disappointed

Over the weekend, a bunch of video clips from development work on Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked online. The person who leaked the videos claimed to have obtained them via the company’s internal Slack groups, and that they also sit on the source code of both this early work and its predecessor Grand Theft Auto 5.

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On Monday, Rockstar confirmed that the leaked material is genuine in a statement on its Twitter account. You can see it below.

– Continues development as planned

In the statement, Rockstar does not confirm the claim that the source code is derailed, but says that the videos that have now made their way online are genuine.

– We are very disappointed that details about our upcoming game are being shared in this way. “Work on the next Grand Theft Auto game continues as planned, and we continue to focus on delivering an experience to you, our players, that exceeds your expectations,” Rockstar said of the situation.

They point out that the leak will probably not affect the operation of online games such as Grand Theft Auto Online or other games, and probably not the development of GTA 6 further.

Take-Two has spent much of the past few days taking down the video clips from the web, but like anything shared online, it’s hard to squeeze the toothpaste back into the tube.

Confirmed rumors

Last year we were served a bucketful of rumors about the game. Among other things, the rumors (which you should take with a few megatons of salt) claimed that the game would not be released until 2025, and that it would take place in a modern version of Vice City – the city best known from the PlayStation 2 game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This summer we also heard that the game will have two main characters: a man and a woman.

The leaks seem to confirm that all of these rumors are true. At the same time, the game is not fully developed, so things may change.

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