The Grand Theft Auto hacker reportedly wants to negotiate with Rockstar

After this weekend’s massive Grand Theft Auto 6 leak, the hacker behind it is apparently out to make a buck. “TeapotUberHacker” now says that he wants to negotiate with Rockstar.

In an update to his original post on the GTA Forums (via Tom Henderson), Teapot asks that a representative of the developer gets in touch. Exactly what he is looking for did not come out, but the hacker claims, among other things, to be sitting on the source code for both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto 6.

Allegedly, Teapot will then have opened the source code for Grand Theft Auto V for sale, with a minimum price of around one million kroner. In several places it was claimed that the code had already been sold for 100,000 dollars in Bitcoin, but Teapot is said to have rejected this.

Henderson further reports that the hacker’s Telegram account – where he posted information about the leak – has now been closed. Whether it was deleted or whether he closed it himself is unknown, but a popular theory among forum goers is that Teapot is doing what he can to stay hidden from Rockstar owner Take-Two.

Lawyers for Take-Two have been working hard to remove all traces of the leak. Loads of clips on YouTube have already been removed, which is also a good indication that what was leaked is the real deal. Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier have also received confirmation from their sources at Rockstar that the leak is authentic.

In any case, we are unlikely to have heard the last in this matter, and we will update as more emerges.

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