The grandmother who went out to run errands died and was attacked by a young man doing willy

Traffic and recklessness once again claimed a life in La Plata and further extended the long list of victims in the region, given that in the last few hours The death of the retiree who was hit on Wednesday afternoon by a young man on a motorcycle and had been admitted in a delicate state of health was confirmed.

Olga Noemí Borda was 71 years old and died this Thursday at the Alejandro Korn Hospital in Melchor Romero, due to the serious injuries she suffered in the impact. The doctors’ efforts were not enough to keep her alive, the severity of the condition was irreversible and the woman did not resist.

After the sad news was known, it was also learned that his family and friends are preparing a mobilization to demand justice for his death. It is that, although the investigators are still trying to determine for sure what happened, witnesses to the event reported that the victim was hit by a young man who was doing willy with his motorcycle and could well have prevented the tragedy.


The tragic accident occurred at the corner of 66 and 145, in Los Hornos. The victim was driving his Zanella motorcycle and collided with a Honda Titan, driven by a 19-year-old who was driving at full speed and without a license plate.

The investigators carried out the corresponding skills at the scene and the young man involved was charged with culpable homicide, leaving both motorcycles confiscated.

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