The Gray Man: in one weekend, the film took the lead in the top 10 Netflix

Since its release on July 22 on Netflix, the thriller The Gray Man has been a real hit. In a few weeks, it became the fourth most viewed English-language film on the streaming platform since June 2021. However, it was not unanimous among subscribers…

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Available since Friday July 22 on Netflix, the action thriller The Gray Man took the lead in the platform’s most-watched programs in just one weekend. This new film by Joe and Anthony Russo thus left little respite to the sea ​​monster and Persuasion, currently in second and third position in the standings. I have to say that The Gray Man has something to seduce the spectators, since this two-hour feature film has paid for an incredible cast. It is indeed the film that has cost Netflix the most since the American platform was created, requiring a budget of 200 million dollars. A first ! On the program, Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and Alfre Woodard. What convince to delve into the plot. We find Court Gentry, alias Sierra Six, a former CIA agent, whose code name is none other than Gray Man.

The Gray Man : Which character is played by Ryan Gosling?

Ryan Gosling plays the hero of the eponymous novel by American author Mark Greaney, published in 2009 and whose cinematographic rights had been acquired in 2011. The plot of the film promises to be captivating: Court Gentry is a former hitman at the CIA salary, recruited from federal prison by Donald Fitzroy, his case officer. But the wheel always ends up turning, and Sierra Six is ​​now the target of Lloyd Hansen, a former sidekick in the CIA, ready to do anything to eliminate him. Agent Dani Miranda covers for him, but will he get away with it?

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The Gray Man : mixed reviews on Netflix’s new blockbuster movie

Despite this good start on Netflix, the reality is more mixed for The Gray Man. The film is far from unanimous, especially on Twitter, where many Internet users have expressed themselves. It is therefore up to us to form our own idea of ​​the new creation of the Russo brothers. Nevertheless, the most anticipated film of the year on Netflix is ​​already asking questions: will there be a sequel? Mark Greaney, the author of the original novel, has since the release of his first volume published twelve books on the adventures of Court Gentry. Enough to give great ideas to the directors of The Gray Man

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