The great performance of Quinteros in Colo Colo

“Quinteros, Quinteros, Quinteros” began to sing the more than 9 thousand fans who came to the Monumental stadium to witness the solid 2-0 victory that he gave Colo Colo to Everton, a result that allowed the Chieftain to increase to five points of difference with his guards in the National Championship.

The fans thanked the coach for the good game that the team shows and for achieving the permanence of the club. But what not many knew, is that Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image He is becoming one of the best-performing coaches in recent years at the club.

So far the season 2021 between Copa Chile and National Championship, Colo Colo He has played 27 games where he reaps 18 wins, 5 draws and only 4 losses, giving a performance of 73 percent.

Undoubtedly, a very high percentage that is reflected in obtaining the Chile Cup and being the undisputed leaders of the tournament with 40 points, five more than their closest pursuers, which are Universidad Católica and Unión La Calera.

As if that were not enough, the albos have a balance of 29 goals in favor between both tournaments, which reflects the defensive strength that Quinteros achieved in the Cacique and the good goal scoring contribution.

If we go to the registry from your arrival in Colo Colo, the technician’s numbers are still positive, since 52 games played, he has won 26, 14 draws and 12 defeats which gives a yield of 59 percent.

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