The greatest shame that actor Gabriel Soto experienced on television

There are moments in life that we do not want to remember again and we hope that with the passage of time these will be completely forgotten; however, for those who are public figures this is more complicated, since there are records of some things that were done in certain passages of our existence. Such is the case of Gabriel Sotowho is remembered for having spent an embarrassing moment during a presentation on an entertainment program.

The incident occurred about a decade ago, just when the actor was promoting an album. Next, we detail how the worst shame that the 47-year-old Mexican went through.

“Inevitable”, the album that Gabriel Soto was promoting (Photo: Hoy)


In February 2013, Gabriel Sotowho had ventured into the music industry, attended the morning show “Hoy” to promote his new album “Inevitable”, without imagining that he would be invited to sing live. Although he was already appearing on other programs for the same purpose, but he sang with playback, the result was not what was expected.

That day, the actor sang the song “Everything reminds me of you”, and although he wanted to shine in his new facet, became the target of ridicule and criticism.

Before you start your presentation, Soto only managed to say that his foray as a singer was just for fun and bring something different to the public. After that, he began to sing accompanied by a group of dancers.

Regarding the dance, the actor cannot be questioned, since he met expectations, but as for his voice, he noted that he was out of tune and at times he was short of breath.

“I admire the professionalism of the dancers, they do their job without laughing”, “They must have been the longest minutes of their lives”, “In Mexico there is support, only talent is missing”, “Since I put this song as an alarm on my alarm clock, I always I get up early, I prefer to get up before the alarm sounds”, “When you feel that you are not worth a mother and life is worth nothing, watch this video and you will know that there are worse things and you are worth much more”are some of the comments that people write so far.

The actor in his role as a singer, but singing a song without playback (Photo: Gabriel Soto / Instagram)
The actor in his role as a singer, but singing a song without playback (Photo: Gabriel Soto / Instagram)


On the occasion of the celebrations for the 24th anniversary of the “Hoy” program, the hosts remembered the day that Gabriel Soto was on their program promoting his album in 2013; even the actor himself spoke of the shameful moment he experienced.

“I have said it openly: ‘I am not the singer that the world expected, much less I am tuned’, but that time we were practicing all the rehearsals and we did them with playback and five minutes before going on the air the decision was made; the producer made the decision that it should be live”counted.

He said that if they had mentioned to him that the presentation was going to be live, he would have had a better presentation and brought a team to help him with his voice.

“To sing live on television you need an audio engineer who authorizes you, who moves the console a little there so that your voice is heard well. So, it is not justification, but if they had told me from the beginning that I was going live, then everything is prepared to make a live presentation, and it was not like that “accurate.

Despite people’s criticism and ridicule, Gabriel Soto mentioned that if they ever told him to sing again, he would do it because he feels proud of “Everything reminds me of you.”

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