The Green Party is not an enemy or political adversary of Morena

After rejecting that the Green Party is a political enemy, but rather an ally of the Morena partythe newly appointed leader of this political institute, Johana Acosta Conrado, rejected the version of a supposed “political approach” of the Greens, to assume political control of the state.

In this way, Acosta Conrado, put an end to the different versions in the face of rumors that this political force -Green Party- intends to retain power and political control of Quintana Roo, on the integration of the cabinet that will be made shortly by the elected governor, Mara Lezama Espinosa.

The Green Party is not an enemy or political adversary of Morena

The Green Party is not an adversary or political enemy of Morena, but rather an ally, assures the state leader of Morena Johana Acosta after rejecting that there are intentions of the Greens to have political control of Quintana Roo

The morenista leader pointed out that the appointments of those who will occupy spaces in the state cabinet will be people who are part of a decision by the elected governor, Lezama Espinosa; but he indicated that in, “both parties have good profiles to hold government positions and functions”.

Regarding the risks that exist, of a possible fracture within Morena after her appointment as leader of Morena and other spouses of municipal presidentsthe leader of the party minimized the facts and maintained that “everyone will make their own decisions, without this affecting Morena.”

Acosta Conrado explained that the arrival of Mara Lezama to the governorship on September 25 will be a historic event, as she is the first woman governor, and they will work with her actively; so she trusted that in the midst of this proactivity those who are allies of Morena do the same.

He added that Morena has several challenges to overcome, the first of which is to lead the efforts to create the formal organization of the party, which does not exist.; what It will allow the strengthening of this political institute towards the 2024 federal elections, for which important actors in Morena have already been discussed.


Finally, he mentioned that, within the organization that will be made of the political partyI don’t know rules out that the same be done in the municipal committees, where it is also required to reach out to add all the cadres from the different regions of the state for further strengthen the party heading into the 2024 elections.

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