The green strategist can think outside the box

Anyone who has ever wondered what Gerhard Schröder, yes, exactly, the Social Democrat, probably found good about the left-wing green Jürgen Trittin, so good that he wanted him in his governments, in the state as in the federal government – at least now has the answer . And precisely at the time when Schröder’s former party general secretary Olaf Scholz is preparing to become the next social democratic chancellor after Schröder.

The – meanwhile – old Green Trittin has always been a strategic thinker. To put it popularly, he can think outside the box. That he has just shown at “Markus Lanz”, in relation to the Christian Democrats.

The left green wants a conservative intact CDU

Trittin would like to see their lack of leadership, of all things, soon ended. He’d like someone he could call if the traffic lights should still fail. That is as clever as the wish that the Union must find each other because Germany needs a conservative people’s party. What it is currently far from.

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Why is this thought strategically? For one thing, Trittin is keeping the pressure on the SPD negotiators as high as possible not to be too sure of the Greens.

Second, it will secure the Greens’ place in the middle if the CDU moves further to the right again. Then they could grow to the left as well as to the right – until they themselves are a people’s party of the center.

It didn’t work out in the most recent election. Maybe next time.

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