The Grinch: 5 anecdotes about the classic with Jim Carrey

The “Grinch” makeup took over 1000 hours

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In order to become the Grinch, Jim Carrey had to endure an endless ordeal in makeup.

It took some work to transform Jim Carrey into the green-haired fur monster. In total, over 1000 hours were spent designing the make-up and costumes for the Grinch and Whos in Whoville and dress the actors. The first time it took Jim Carrey eight and a half hours to put on his costume. Towards the end of the shooting, the process ran more smoothly, but he still spent a little over three hours in the mask. As a reward, the film won its only Oscar in the Best Make-Up category.

Jim Carrey was only the third choice for the Grinch

Horton from “Horton Hears a Who” can be seen in the film

69kg of marble had to be destroyed for the recordings

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No Christmas movie without snow: On the set of “The Grinch”, however, had to be tricked …

The Whoville set was laboriously created: fake houses and a few trees were not enough. After all, everything should be covered with snow several meters high. However, snow is unfavorable for filming: after all, it can melt. The solution? 69 kilograms of shattered marble were brought into fill the backdrop. An insane effort, of which the viewer in the film cannot guess anything.

Jim Carrey disappeared from the set without a trace for days

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Filming for “The Grinch” was no picnic.

The shooting of “The Grinch” was anything but rosy. But the climax of the problems was the behavior of lead actor Jim Carrey. It sometimes disappeared from the set for several days without leaving a trace. Then at some point he reappeared – and gave no explanation of where he had been. Carrey said she was going through some serious psychologically stressful phases at the time of filming. These sudden failures were enormous stress factors for the entire team, which is why Ron Howard, among others, is still not remembered with fondness about the film.

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