The ground crumbles under Joe Biden’s feet

In all likelihood, the Democratic president will not be able to pass two laws reforming the right to vote on January 18. The fierce hostility of the Republican opposition and several Democratic rebels, combined with inflation and the ongoing pandemic, are they already sounding the death knell for the Biden presidency?

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IAll that was missing was a snowstorm to overwhelm Joe Biden. The hapless President of the United States learned late Thursday evening from his friend and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer that Congress was taking a break over the long weekend across the Atlantic due to a snowy episode expected Sunday and Monday in the capital. Initially, elected officials had to remain in session to decide on two laws protecting the right to vote (Freedom to Vote Act, John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act) and which were the subject of a Homeric showdown. With its postponement to Tuesday, January 18, the vote misses the symbolic milestone of Martin Luther King Day, the third Monday of the month supposed to celebrate the birth of the founder of the civil rights movement.

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