The guru "Zeus" sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment for abuse of weakness and rape

Claude Alonso, 81, had reigned for years over a small community of women, including his own daughter, on whom he notably imposed “sex work” against a background of mythology, ufology and other esoteric beliefs.

A former healer prosecuted for abuse of weakness and rape at the expense of five victims including his daughter, and who called himself “Zeus” within a micro-sect in the Arcachon basin, was sentenced on Friday to 18 years in prison. criminal imprisonment. His sentence was accompanied by a 9-year security period.

Judged since Monday, Claude Alonso, 81, reigned in his property in Gujan-Mestras (Gironde) over a small community of women, decked out with the names of Greek goddesses, whom he lodged in the outbuildings.

“Sex work” to “save humanity”

In a mezzanine of the main house, the accused had recreated a shoddy temple to his glory, with throne, scepter, crystal ball and portraits in his likeness. Every evening, he preached the divine word between mythology, ufology and other esoteric beliefs. Before imposing “sex work” on his followers, intended to provide him with a “perfect” orgasm to recharge him with energy and “save humanity”.

During these bacchanals which could last all night, the followers of this micro-sect drank sweet wine mixed with Lexomil, a tranquilizer. They were also given a mixture of menstruation and Claude Alonso’s own semen, according to the prosecution.

In 2013, the report of a victim to Miviludes, the body for the fight against sectarian aberrations attached to the Ministry of the Interior, had led to the indictment of this son of an oyster farmer, who had already been subject of an investigation at the end of the 90s for its activities near Libourne, closed without further action. In the case judged this week by the Gironde Assize Court, only his daughter and another victim had filed a complaint.

“A Malicious Plot”

Claude Alonso violated “psyche and body for more than 12 years”, “stealing the financial and intellectual resources” of his victims by his “overflowing imagination, put at the service of his narcissism and his megalomania”, estimated Friday in his indictment Advocate General Xavier Chavigné, who had requested an 18-year prison sentence.

In a wheelchair and his gaze hidden behind dark glasses, the octogenarian, who appeared free, categorically denied the facts, before wallowing in silence during the debates.

“You want to make Claude Alonso an example of a sect guru (…) It’s perverse manipulation, perhaps, but in no way rape!” Pleaded the defendant’s lawyer, who demanded his acquittal on the grounds of the “consent” of the victims.

“I am facing a malicious plot,” said Claude Alonso for his part before the court retired to deliberate, comparing himself in a sibylline formula “to an ant among a herd of bison”.

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