The happiness! Carola and the celebrity show their relationship outwardly

Carola Häggkvist

Oh what joy! After months of teasing and teasing, Carola finally exposes Carola’s relationship with the celebrity man!

Hear Carola’s secret love revelation – revealing details in the interview!

After the commercial: Hear Carola’s secret love revelation – revealing details in the interview!


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Carola Häggkvist, 56, has a fast-paced everyday life consisting of work and of course the children Zoe, 13, and Amadeus, 24.

Now is a particularly intense time for the artist who has an emerging project that we heard about in last Saturday’s Nyhetsmorgon.

Here we also got a glimpse of something else – Carola’s relationship with the celebrity!

Carola’s relationship with the celebrity is shown

Carola’s Christmas tours have become a tradition and this year she has decided to team up with a certain man, Måns Zelmerlöw, 36.

Already last spring, the artists were able to reveal the fun plans and now the big day is fast approaching.

Yes, on Thursday, the Grand X-mas show starts and Carola and Måns Nyhetsmorgon are guests before the premiere.

Here, of course, there will be a lot of talk about the tour, but you also get to see glimpses of Carola and Mån’s wonderful relationship.

Sure, they have appeared on each other’s social media, but seeing the duo in a longer interview is of course different.

That the artists like each other is clear:

– It feels so natural with Måns and it’s nice to be two, says Carola about Måns.

Carola Häggkvist puts happiness into words

The program will also feature the TV premiere of the new joint Christmas song “Let’s Sing”.

It is written by Peter Kvint, David Lindgren Zacharias and Sharon Vaughn.

Carola Häggkvist crazy – before the Christmas tour “Not much to work with”

In a press release, Carola describes it as “oxygen” for her soul.

– Let’s sing feels as natural as a duet between Måns & me and I get so happy every time we sing it!

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