The happiness of Maxi Falcón’s girlfriend after the great support for Peluca

Colo Colo was solid again and defeated Deportes Antofagasta 2-0 at the Monumental Stadium, within the framework of the seventeenth day of the 2021 National Championship. The annotations were the work of Iván Morales and Gabriel Costa.

After this result, the Cacique reached 14 games undefeated and reached the 33 units, standing in the first place from the standings while waiting for tomorrow’s match between Unión La Calera and Universidad de Chile.

One of the high points in this commitment against the Pumas was Maximiliano Falcón. The Uruguayan was intractable and did not give chances to the forwards of the cast led by Juan José Ribera.

Once the meeting is over, Peluca’s girlfriend, Florence Pouso, spoke exclusively with DaleAlbo and had words to refer to this duel and he also spoke about the affection that the swollen dawn He has both her and the defender of Popular.

In the first instance, she was asked about how she experienced this match against Antofagasta and pointed out that “I died of cold, but it was great. Colo Colo is playing very well, everyone is playing very well. I’m very happy”.

Subsequently, he thanked the large number of greetings he received at the time of the Instagram Live of our medium. “Thank you all very much for your support, the truth is unconditional all”.

Finally, Pouso thanked so many expressions of affection towards Maximiliano Falcón and maintained that “My skin prickles, it’s a pride. The affection of the people is very felt and the truth is that it is very nice “.

Florencia Pouso witnessed the victory against Antofagasta in the Rapa Nui sector. Source: Capture.

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