The hard blow that Natalia Oreiro’s program received in its second week of release

Natalia Oreiro He came to Telefe to lead the program of the year “Who is the Mask?”, a production with beautiful costumes that, although it has the participation of the Uruguayan diva, Wanda Nara and Lizy Tagliani, has not yet managed to conquer the public.

In its premiere week, the cycle of Natalia Oreiro achieved a debut of more than 17 rating points, although the following days the viewers did not accompany the actress of “Muñeca Brava” in this competition and, as if by magic, Marcelo Tinelli’s numbers began to rise. “Who is the Mask revived Tinelli”, was the analysis made by Yanina Latorre in LAM.

Angela Leiva, Ricardo Mollo, Guillermo Coria and Magui Aicega have been some of the famous discovered.

However, the sun always rises, and in this second week of competition for ratings, Natalia Oreiro and the driver of El Trece were able to debate in a new duel that, unfortunately for Telefe, was not very optimal for Ricardo Mollo’s partner either.

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