The hard setback that Marcelo Tinelli would receive from Guillermina Valdés

During 2021, Guillermina Valdés and Marcelo Tinelli They occupied the prime time screen while they shared each of the programs of “The Academy” and had fun with their stories of married life. But, starting this year, the couple decided to distance themselves and there was no going back.

Among the speculations that were released, there was one that said that the businesswoman had not achieved a good bond or empathy with the driver’s children. What Marcelo Tinelli he did not imagine is that his ex-partner could commit a serious betrayal.

Marcelo Tinelli with Guillermina, in other times.

Everything seems to indicate that the fight he is leading Marcelo Tinelli to win the rating in the difficult competition with Telefe and with “Who is the Mask?” it could impact the most sentimental side of him.

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