The head of the operation in which “Lolo” Regueiro died is released

The head of the operation in which

Regueiro’s relatives gathered at the expert’s office / on the day

While the body of César Regueiro was being analyzed by experts from the Police Department, the Justice of La Plata ordered the immediate release of Juan Manuel Gorbarán, the head of the operation in which the gymnastics fan died on October 6.

Prosecutor Juan Ignacio Menucci, head of UFI No. 5 of La Plata, argued the decision to request his release with the call for an investigation and subsequent change of qualification issued on Wednesday, which went from “intentional damage” to “culpable damage ”, which annuls preventive detention that had been arranged at first.

For this reason, he affirmed that Gorbarán’s deprivation of liberty is, for the moment, “unnecessary to achieve the purposes of the process.”

Within this framework, the precautionary measure requested by the acting prosecutor’s office was endorsed by Judge of Guarantees No. 6, Agustín Crispo, ordering his immediate release, and the defense lawyers, Héctor Alfredo Sáez Peralta and Carlos Alberto Cuoso, were notified of the measure, as well as as well as the Regueiro family.

It is worth remembering that due to the death of the gymnastics supporter who died during the repression that occurred in El Bosque, while the match against Boca was being played, four defendants have so far: the president, Gabriel Pellegrino; the head of the Departmental La Plata, Sebastián Perea; the head of Aprevide, Eduardo Aparicio; and the aforementioned Juan Manuel Gorbarán.

As explained by the prosecutor in the file, both the person in charge of the operation that was carried out in that tragic match, as well as the rest of those involved in the case, “acted in violation of their duties, before and during the sporting event, since that they were responsible for their organization; and even some acted negligently during its development.

reautopsy and family support

As this newspaper announced in its Wednesday edition, a new autopsy operation was also carried out on the body of “Lolo”, carried out by the experts of the Court Expert Advisory.

Regueiro’s remains were exhumed on Tuesday as part of a new autopsy, a procedure requested by the prosecutor’s office investigating the cause of his death, after granting a request from family lawyers.

The head of UFI No. 5 had set the date of the procedure for that day, but the operation on the victim’s body was not carried out due to the advanced state of decomposition.

For this reason, the re-autopsy was carried out yesterday, starting at 8:00 a.m., and the relatives gathered at the expert advisory unit of 41 between 119 and 120 to offer their support to those investigating the case.

“The main point of expertise is to determine if there is a possibility that it was a violent death and not from natural causes,” said Marcelo Peña, the family’s lawyer in dialogue with EL DIA.

Regarding the release of Gorbarán, the lawyer assured that they will challenge the decision of Guarantees.

In turn, he stated: “From the complaint, beyond respect for the work of the fiscal agent, we are going to gather evidence to reclassify some behaviors, mainly of the owner of the Aprevide, since it should be prosecuted for malicious damage.”

“He cannot, from his position, not have represented the imminent danger in a sporting event of such magnitude, and lightly leave a full organization,” he closed.

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