The health pass can be extended until July 2022, announces Gabriel Attal

In front of journalists this Wednesday, October 13 at the end of the Council of Ministers, Gabriel Attal confirmed that the government reserves the right to maintain the health pass until next July.

“As winter approaches and the epidemic is not behind us, the Prime Minister has presented a bill containing various health vigilance provisions.” It was better to be wide awake this Wednesday, October 13 at the time of the end of lunch, when Gabriel Attal appeared in front of the cameras for his traditional press briefing after Council of Ministers. And once again, covid will have been on the menu. After indicating that the figures were no longer declining, or even seemed to be rising in certain territories, the spokesperson therefore came to the point: yes, as leaks had suggested, the government has chosen to allow itself the possibility of maintain its measures to fight the epidemic, including the famous health pass, “until July 31, 2022”.

“Supervise, and only if necessary, the activity of establishments open to the public”

A distant date – which also spans the presidential election scheduled for spring – that the spokesperson wanted to justify by addressing the most resistant. “I have heard a lot of outrage professionals in recent days get agitated. I hear a lot of fantasies, malicious talk, often based on largely erroneous or distorted information.”, attacks Gabriel Attal, admitting that he “also hears sincere concerns”. He therefore launches himself into the list of what the government text will allow, until July 31: “supervise, and only if necessary, the activity of establishments open to the public and require the pass, issue decrees declaring a state of health emergency on all or part of the territory for a period limited to 30 days, containment measures or curfew to curb repeats, a strengthening of the fight against health pass fraud “

“The possible measures should not be confused with the measures applied”

Gabriel Attal further specifies that “economic support measures” are also on the program, before adding what the text presented this Wednesday does not provide: “the eternal state of emergency. It delays the moment when this tool will disappear”. And the spokesperson reminded that if all of these measures are possible, they will not be applied. “The possible measures should not be confused with the measures applied”, insists Gabriel Attal, who wants proof that “for the vast majority of French people (the case of Guyana being different, for example, Editor’s note), we are at lowest level of restrictions in 18 months. It remains to be seen whether the situation will change in the coming weeks, with the onset of winter, “conducive to the resumption” of the epidemic according to the minister, who particularly worries the executive.

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