The hearing failed and on the Highway the barriers will continue to be raised for an indefinite period of time

Today’s hearing called by the National Ministry of Labor between leaders of the Single Union of Toll Workers (SUTPA) and representatives of AUBASA did not come to fruition, so it was decided to continue indefinitely with the force measure that the company workers started almost a week ago.

From the union they confirmed to the failure of the hearing and that although “from the Ministry they ask us to abide by the mandatory conciliation, for us to do so would be to continue endorsing a dictator inside the company, so we are going to continue with the measure of force in AUBASA until they remove this unpresentable”, in reference to President Ricardo Lissalde.

In this way, they will continue without charging tolls on the La Plata-Buenos Aires Highway, Highway 2 and routes 11 and 74, which together with 56 and 63 are routes managed by AUBASA.

In addition, they anticipated that “the measure will surely spread with assemblies throughout the country in solidarity with what the AUBASA workers are suffering,” and that “if no one contacts us, we will continue with the forceful measure unless there are sanctions”. The new hearing was convened for next Monday.

Thus, the workers of AUBASA celebrate the sixth day of strike with serious complaints against the owner of the company, which is why the Ministry of Labor issued the mandatory conciliation but the union decided for the second time not to abide by it, in a sample of the magnitude of the conflict.

The SUTPA launched a campaign through social networks with testimonies from workers denouncing situations of workplace harassment in which they have been working since Lissalde’s arrival.

For its part, from AUBASA they clarified that “there were no dismissals or reduction of personnel” and indicated that “the public hearing is convened for October 31 and foresees increases of 90% as of December 1 and 35% as of December 1 of March 2023. They are strong jumps but it recovers what was not increased during the pandemic, where the rates were maintained given the situation we were experiencing.

“This continues the company’s reorganization policy that we started with this management. From new public tenders and elimination of intermediaries in the different services offered by the company (grass cutting, insurance, computer programs, work clothes, etc. ) $825,221,559 and $376,600 have been saved annually,” adds the brief statement.

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