The Highway woke up armored against the threat of a new protest by truckers

The remnants of the total closure of the La Plata-Buenos Aires Highway and the chaos generated by the carriers’ protest, which surprised hundreds of drivers at the Dock Sud toll at dawn and the morning of last Wednesday; are still latent and, with no agreement in sight, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security ordered an imposing police guard in the area to prevent the protest from being repeated.

The troops are committed to a possible forceful measure that could again affect traffic, since the truckers reported on Wednesday afternoon that they would return to the protests after the failure of the meeting they held with the national authorities. Patrol cars, motorcycles and dozens of troops are, thus, expectantly on one side of the trace that joins the city with the Federal Capital to avoid any type of demonstration.

So far, the traffic has been running smoothly and there have been no delays in either direction, despite the police operation deployed in both directions of the Highway.

The new threats of cuts and blockades arose from the truncated agreement between truckers and the technical teams of the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation, of the province of Buenos Aires and officials of the Ministry of Energy, due to the lack of diesel. The information that came down was that the meeting did not end up happening after the carriers refused to negotiate without the presence of the portfolio holder, Alexis Guerrera.

After making this decision, the carriers ratified the continuity of the protests “for an indefinite period of time until the necessary measures are taken.”

The meeting was to take place at 5 pm last Wednesday in the Freight Transportation area of ​​the national portfolio, in downtown Buenos Aires, after the traffic cut that took place on the La Plata-Buenos Aires Highway (a nerve center for the access to the metropolitan area from the south), which began around 6 o’clock at the Dock Sud toll gate to Capital Federal.

The protest was carried out by truck owners who complain about the lack of diesel in different areas of the country and the overpricing that is recorded in the price of fuel.

In dialogue with Telamthe representative of the National Union of Carriers and Allied Workers (Untra), Ariel Santa Colomaindicated in relation to the suspension of the meeting it was because “We decided not to start a conversation with any other intermediary other than the minister (Alexis Guerrera)” and confirmed that “on the routes the cuts will continue throughout the country”.

In this scenario, from Security they acted quickly and set up early on the highway to avoid any kind of demonstration after the repudiation that came down from the most important heads such as Serge BerniMinister of Security of the Province of Buenos Aires and Jorge D’Onofrio, Buenos Aires Minister of Transportation.

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