The hilarious reaction of Cande Ruggeri’s family upon learning of her pregnancy

The pregnancy of Cande Ruggeri it certainly took show business by surprise. At first, few imagined that the influencer was looking to form a family and secondly, because of the way she revealed the news.

Everything ended up being confirmed when her father, former soccer player Oscar Ruggeri, said on a sports program that he was finally going to be a grandfather on his daughter’s side, Cande Ruggeri. Although she later recapitulated and reported that she did not know if she had the approval to say it, the news was already in all the portals and Pampita’s colleague in “El Hotel de los Famosos” was already plotting her revenge.

The emotional photo posted by Cande Ruggeri on Instagram received more than 190,000 likes and messages of love from Jimena Barón and Majo Martino.

That’s what she said Cande Ruggeri in an exclusive interview with the “LAM” program, where he confirmed to Ángel de Brito that there were barely two weeks left to reach three months and that his father’s mistake cost him that he did not answer the phone all day.

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