The hilarious story for the false greeting of Love that had a happy ending

Emiliano Amor scored his first goal with the Colo Colo shirt in the 4-0 win against Unión Española at the Monumental Stadium, where he also kept his undefeated without defeats since he arrived at the Cacique to be one of Gustavo Quinteros’ central headlines.

The fans little by little have been evaluating the performance of Amor in the Cacique, who has provided security in the independent defense of the colleague who has in the position central.

The funny thing is the story in which Love got involved with Colo Colo without even knowing it upon arrival, this posted by user @ claudiosky12 on Twitter, who in a thread told how he got a greeting to his grandfather from the Argentine player.

The story took a remarkable turn, as It was an imitation that left much to be desired, but that in the long run the grandfather of the fan albo bought without any problem and thanked with all my heart.

Basically this happened in the middle of procedures that the defender did in our country when he arrived at the Cacique, this with his young daughter, so he only took time to take some pictures without being able to record the greeting.

Luckily for the grandfather of @ claudiosky12 they managed to get greetings, this time real, from Carlos Caszely and Marcelo Barticciotto.

However, this does not stop there, since the Emiliano Amor saw the publication, writing to the fan albo that they speak in private to make the special greeting come true.

Emiliano Amor’s remarkable response to the story of his imitation. | Photo: Capture.

A remarkable story that Amor helped bring to a happy endingThis after a great performance with the Alba jersey scoring the first, hopefully many, goals in his time at the Monumental.

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