The House of the Dragon – Teaser shows the cast of the new generation of the series

The Dragon House arrived midway through its first season, and with it audiences will see yet another time jump in the series, with this one being the biggest yet. If the years have already advanced in Westeros since the first episode, resulting in the change of actors and actresses of certain characters, now the advancement will be even greater and more important to the plot in general.

In the sixth episode, House of the Dragon will introduce the adult versions of Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower, in addition to other characters. The series finally finds the definitive version of its protagonists, who will continue on screen from now on. Check out the teaser for the sixth episode below.

The new generation of The House of the Dragon

After Milly Alcock plays the young Rhaenyra, and conquers the audience, it will be Emma D’Arcy’s turn to assume the role of Targaryen. Alicent, who was played by Emily Carey in the first few episodes, will now play Olivia Cooke.

With the arrival of the new generation of House of the Dragon, the series will also begin to show the directions of the change of power in Westeros, as King Viserys is clearly increasingly weakened and close to his death. The conflict between Rhaenyra and Alicent will grow as the Targaryen tries to defend her position as the future heir to the throne, as the Hightower wants to make Aegon II, her son by Viserys, take command of the 7 kingdoms of Westeros.

How to watch House of the Dragon

Casa do Dragão gets a new episode every Sunday at 10 am (Brasilia time). The series airs on HBO (closed channel) and HBO Max (streaming service) simultaneously.

HBO Max offers plans starting at R$19.90/month, with different types of subscriptions to choose from. Including monthly, quarterly and annual plan. In addition to A Casa do Dragão, the service also has several other series, movies and even live events such as Champions League matches.

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