“The house of the famous 2″: why Laura Bozzo wants to leave the reality show

A few months ago, Laura Bozzo attracted the attention of the media for their problems with the law. The Peruvian was one of the most wanted women by the Mexican authorities at that time. However, she now famous tv host It goes through a very different time for her since she has returned to television.

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After being acquitted, the lawyer She is one of the participants in the second season of the reality of Telemundo “The house of the famous”. And, of course, his involvement has already generated controversy from day one. His attempt to withdraw from the program, the same day of its premiere, is just a small sample of it.

Here are the reasons why Laura Bozzo wanted to leave “The house of the famous 2”.

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Why does Laura Bozzo want to leave The House of Celebrities 2 after its premiere?  (Photo: GEC)
Why does Laura Bozzo want to leave The House of Celebrities 2 after its premiere? (Photo: GEC)


East May 10 was the expected premiere from the second season of “The house of the famous” and one of the participants who generated the most expectations was the driver Laura Bozzo. So, Big surprise caused him to confess that he wanted to leave the Programjust two hours after admission.

In a totally unexpected action for those present, the Peruvian lawyer He asked “La Jefa” to leave the House that housed her and her companions. This, because she assured that she felt uneasy: “It gives me ‘anxiety’, I think it’s because it’s the first day”said Laura Bozzo.

Due to the format of reality showthe famous celebrity couldn’t leave the living place in which it is constantly watched by television cameras. Despite this, she did request care to feel better in this situation.

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Under these circumstances, Niurka Marcos She was one of the first participants in the Program who referred to the case of his partner. In this way, he ensured that this episode It was a consequence of his advanced age. And because of that had “aches” that affected her. Undoubtedly, something that was not unnoticed by the spectatorswho highlighted the fact through their social networks.

Despite this, it was finally the cuban the one that convinced the famous driver not to withdraw from reality show. In this way, he even offered to sleep with her. Likewise, it was possible to notice how both were able to talk about the gossip that existed about the two. In addition, the celebrities stated that everything was clarified and it was the own Niurka the one who invited the presenter to continue creating controversy: “You have to invent other (gossip)said.

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Minutes before, the program “The house of the famous 2″ transmitted the expected meeting between Niurka Marcos and Laura Bozzo. As is known, both figures had shown signs of a small rivalry between them. The peruvianfor example, had said that he believed that frames I had a grudge against her, for not having surpassed her in the rating.

When they put her to compete with me in Azteca, they had to take her out after a monthbecause I demolished it in the rating, it is obvious that he feels a certain grudge against mepoor, I wish him the best “he had told Bozzo.

However, to the surprise of viewers, the meeting between the controversial stars it was friendly. to the cry of “Doll!”, the cuban received the lawyer and, after this, they both gave each other a big hug which was witnessed by his peers and the viewing public.


Laura Bozzo and Niurka Markos They are part of the group of personalities that give life to the second season of the program “The house of the famous”, a reality show in which they will be watched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to both figures, names such as Luis ‘El Potro’ Caballero, Natalia Alcocer, Mayeli Alonso, Ivonne Montero, Nacho Casano, Brenda Zambrano, Juan Vidal and Salvador Zerboni complete the cast.


During an interview on the channel of Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the Peruvian spoke about her participation in “The House of the Famous” and said that she is not afraid to show herself as she is, without makeup and with her strong personality.

He also stated that if the “They treat her well, she can be an angel, but if they treat her badly, she can be a demon”For this reason, he warned that he will not accept disrespect during his stay in the program. MORE DETAILS HERE

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After the disputes Laura Bozzo Y Niurka Marcos staged days before his admission to “The house of the famous”, these continued during the broadcast of the show. Thus, the Peruvian told Niurka: “When you went to work at TV Azteca with the old, horrible mummy… this old woman took you off the air in a month and a half, my life”. In defense of him frames he replied that “I had only signed for 30 programs”.

After this dispute, it was the Peruvian who decided to take the initiative and apologized to the Cuban.

“I want to apologize, I think it’s okay. I have experienced many bullying problems and I think I am always on the defensive. My attitude today was very rude to Niurka and I think it’s not worth it because these days she has tried to get along with me “stated Bozzo.

After that, Niurka He broke down in tears and sealed the reconciliation with the driver in a heartfelt hug.

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