The House Party: How does the series end?

Series that marked an entire generation in the early 1990s, The house party (Full house, in the original version) ended in 1995 after 192 episodes. We thus found the father of the family, Danny Tanner, interpreted by Bob Saget, unfortunately deceased since, who is known to the young generation for being the voice-over of Ted Mosby, in the series How I met your mother. Alongside him, Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier) and Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos) were also present. The story of this family series was simple but effective: having lost his wife, Danny Tanner must raise his three daughters alone, DJ (Candace Cameron Bure), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Michelle (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen), then a baby . To help him, he therefore calls on his best friend Joey and his brother-in-law Jesse who move in with them in his beautiful typical house in San Francisco. Will follow eight seasons of adventures of all kinds, love stories (Jesse will marry Rebecca Donaldson played by Lori Loughlin and they will have twins) and friendship. Who doesn’t remember DJ’s sometimes annoying best friend, Kimmie Gibbler?

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The house party : how does the series end?

The last episode is basically centered around Michelle. The latter finds herself in the hospital after a fall from a horse and the diagnosis is not long in coming: she has amnesia. Obviously, the little girl regains her memory, in the final moments of the series. At the same time, DJ leaves high school and prepares for the traditional prom. For the occasion, actor Scott Weinger returned exceptionally to play Steve and took his former girlfriend to the party. The couple returns to the ball. Stephanie ends up with Andrew, her teenage flirt. On the adult side, Danny remains single, as at the start of the series, and Jesse and Joey continue their radio show. The closing scene of the series brings all the characters together for a hug. As usual, the series ends well, the perfect example of a happy and close-knit family.

The House Party : where to see the spin-off of the series?

Twenty years later DJ, Stephanie and their friend Kimmy Gibler reprized their roles in the spin-off series, Fuller House. Developed by the Netflix streaming platform, it was launched in 2016 with a first season of thirteen episodes. The pitch is identical to that of La Fête à la maison: DJ finds herself a widow in turn, with three boys to raise. She then returns to settle in the family home in San Francisco, with her sister, her best friend and her teenage daughter. History repeats itself… A nostalgia series that lasted five seasons.

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The House Partythe credits recreated during confinement

During confinement, the stars of The House Party made fans happy recreating the cult credits of the series from their homes. John Stamos is not sitting on an outdoor bench playing guitar, but struggling with hydroalcoholic gel. Bob Saget no longer cleans his car but disinfects his house. Dave Coulier went fishing for pizza. Candace Cameron Bure no longer does her nails but cleans her toilet, Jodie Sweetin waits for the crisis to pass under the duvet when Andrea Barber faces the shortage of eggs. A successful montage that had much more to fans.

The house seen in the credits of The house party was bought for gold

If you dreamed of acquiring “the house” of the Tanner family in the series The House Partybut also its sequel Fuller House, it is now too late. It has not been for sale since the end of 2020. According to the American site TMZ, the lucky owner had to break the bank since he had to pay the tidy sum of 5.35 million dollars (i.e. 4.5 million euros) to acquire this residence typical of San Francisco architecture. The facade appears especially in the credits of The House Party and its sequel. The entire series was shot in studio in Los Angeles.

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