The huge success of "Squid Game", a very violent series


The huge success of “Squid Game”, a very violent series

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C.Guyon, J-M.Lequertier, N.Bidard, M.Marini

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She is number one on Netflix, the South Korean series Squid Game has met with tremendous success. A series that contains many scenes of violence that could have an impact on our children.

This is the story of a group of people over-indebted who risk their lives to earn a colossal sum. The series received a monumental reception from the public. However, some controversy accompanied this success. Indeed, many scenes of uncensored violence are broadcast which are likely to shock younger Netflix users. In Belgium, violent behavior has been recorded with reference to the series, in schools.

A few days ago, in a school, children reproduced one of the scenes from Squid Game. That from 1-2-3 sun, in the series, the person performing the movement dies. In this playground, the killing turned into beatings. “At first, I just thought he was playing 1-2-3 sun, but after in class, I saw that he was whipping himself (…) I didn’t participate”, tells a child of the school of Erquelinnes B√©guinage Hainaut. In France, this series remains prohibited at least 16 years.

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