The Hulk’s healing factor is so powerful it’s capable of killing himself.

Wolverine and Deadpool might be the most popular characters when it comes to the “healing factor”. However, the same ability that the Hulk has to recover his body quickly from the heaviest of wounds leaves both of them in the dust. And that can be both a gift and a curse, because it can cause permanent damage to Bruce Banner’s mind.

Proof of just how powerful and dangerous your healing factor can be for yourself is in the magazine Hulk #3, released in 2014, with scripts by Mark Waid and drawings by Mark Bagley. At the time, Bruce Banner was still suffering from the side effects of two bullet wounds, which caused the scientist multiple brain damage. This began to affect his cognition.

Before becoming the Hulk to speed up his body’s recovery, Banner is warned by Maria Hill of S.H.I.E.L.D. that doing so could cause permanent damage to his mind. That’s because the Emerald Giant’s healing factor resets its parts according to its current status. And, if he transformed to speed up the process, his system wouldn’t consider something that needs to be repaired. So, Banner’s alter-ego would definitely be mind-impaired — and his own mind in the human version as well, since, upon returning to normal, it would be as if his current status is normal.

Moments later, the Abomination attacks, and Banner must transform into the Hulk. After the battle, Hill’s hunch turns out to be correct, because the scientist’s cognition gets even worse. And, since his brain was rebuilt without fully healing itself, his body understands that there is nothing left to heal. Below you can see Banner also thinking about how even his bones can regrow in the wrong position if he doesn’t keep his body adjusted.

Hulk’s healing factor is so powerful that he can rebuild his body the wrong way if he transforms during recovery (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics)

The Emerald Giant’s salvation was Iron Man’s Extremis nanotechnology, which manages to reconstruct Bruce Banner’s brain. But without a genius like Tony Stark on the side, the Hulk’s own powerful healing factor would have already finished him off.

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