The ice cold between Carola and Pernilla Wahlgren: "Did not say a word to her"

The rivalry between Carola Häggkvist and Pernilla Wahlgren in the Melodifestivalen

Pernilla Wahlgren and Carola Häggkvist are today close friends who often hang out in everyday life. But that is not how the relationship has always looked like. Pernilla talks about the Melodifestivalen 1991 – and the cool atmosphere behind the scenes.

The newspapers wrote about the rivalry between Pernilla Wahlgren and Carola Häggkvist before the Melodifestivalen in 1991. Pernilla also received death threats – and the whole situation affected her relationship with Carola. A tough time that Pernilla told more about when she participated in SVT’s “Stars at the castle”.

Pernilla Wahlgren about the rivalry with Carola Häggkvist during the Melodifestivalen

– Carola and I did not say a word to each other during the rehearsals, Wahlgren says in “The stars at the castle”.

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Pernilla Wahlgren, 53, performed with the song “Tvillingsjäl” in Melodifestivalen 1991. Before the competition, the newspapers described a real rivalry with Carola Häggkvist, 54, who performed with “Caught by a storm” in the same competition. And the pressure from outside led to a chilly atmosphere between the hit queen – who today are very good friends.

Pernilla Wahlgren and Carola Häggkvist at the Melodfestivalen 1991

– Especially with Carola, it was so sensitive because everyone would compare us all the time, says Pernilla.

She continues:

– There is a nicer atmosphere between us today, I can easily say that.

Pernilla Wahlgren’s revelation – felt bad for several years

Pernilla also received threats, which were expressed in a letter sent to Swedish Radio and Ulf Elfving’s “After Three”.

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– When I got to see it and read it, I felt that I did not want this to come out. It was as seen on film with clipped letters that contained racist attacks on her then boyfriend Emilio Ingrosso, who participated as a dancer in the number Caught by a storm.

Pernilla was only 24 years old when she received the death threat. And she cries when she tells about it on SVT.

– I was so badly affected by the threat that I felt that there was nothing I wanted to talk about. I have not talked about it either. I tore that letter to pieces and threw it away, and then I did not want to think about it anymore afterwards.

The program does not state whether she chose to make a police report.

– It took me very hard and I felt bad for several years, in fact, Wahlgren says to Aftonbladet.

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