The illusion of Pablo Solari: "I came to look for titles in Colo Colo"

Pablo Solari was the figure of Colo Colo in the rematch of the semifinal of Chile Cup where he made a double in the 3-2 win that gave the step to the final of the tournament to the albos.

The Argentine forward was replaced in the 59th minute by Marcos Bolados and after the game he maintained that “I took a peso and it was quite nice, I was frustrated, I suffer a lot when things don’t work out for me and these little treats lift my spirits. I’m very happy“.

“That’s where I rush, I’m in a hurry, I want to score the goal before I receive the ball. I improved that as the games went by. I was able to solve the plays well and I was able to score two goals“Solari complemented on his great performance against Hispanics at the Santa Laura Stadium.

Colo Colo will face Everton at the Fiscal de Talca stadium on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. in the final of the Chile Cup and Solari is clear about what the goal is against the Viñamarinos.

“I am very excitedI’m very happy for the whole group and for me. We go to the final and we have an important step left, we still haven’t won anything. We must remain humble, but it is a very beautiful illusion, it is what I love the most, I came to look for titles in Colo Colo “, said a happy Solari.

The 19-year-old made a balance of what these six months of Colo Colo have been in general where, from going on to play the game for permanence, he will now play a final.

“The key I think is perseverance. We come from a very difficult season, we played a promotion game. It is not to believe, six months ago you asked if they saw us in a Chile Cup final and first in the National Championship and they said no. The group changed its face, Gustavo (Quinteros) encouraged us a lot, as did the entire coaching staff, “he said.

Finally he commented on the dedication of his goals and his present at the Cacique. “It’s always for my family, for all the people in Arizona who always support me, they leave me messages. When things don’t go, they always are.”

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