The imagery of a turning point

How annoyed the established media were when the negotiators of the future of the German police force in times of Instagram and Co. took the reins of action. Annalena Baerbock, head of the Greens, announced via an Instagram post that the key players had met in advance to negotiate a new coalition. And those were the FDP boss Stefan Lindner had already announced in the election final: the Greens and the FDP. They had to come together to negotiate whether a three-way alliance would be forged with the SPD or the Union.

In this case, you interpreted the move of the offensive yourself and spread it on Instagram. A move. And a programmatic announcement that should last until the final of the coalition negotiations. Here politicians wanted to meet on an equal footing. And at least not argue in public and on the open stage.

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Every picture has at least two sides: So that of the coalition heroes

“The selfie of the four small coalitions is a media masterpiece,” commented the elite unit of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, the page three editors, the contact made at the time by the “small coalition”, also known as the “citrus coalition”: “While television cameras were constantly panning around to get out four politicians personally produce the photo of the week to draw images of the parliamentary life of these days with as symbolic weight as possible. ”The subtext in the article, which praised the“ dialectical joke ”behind this scene: Even we from the reflected noble print were not there in times of social networks.

In any case, until the end of the negotiations, the number of the new German objectivity and composure was held out – rather, dissatisfaction within one party was already seeping outward, for example the irritated mood between the Habeck and Baerbock camps among the Greens. The “Spiegel” served this number well.

Scholz overturns Schröder’s policy and keeps Merkel’s diamond

In the SPD, the calm of the diamond, which the future Chancellor Olaf Scholz had sent from Angela Merkel to his party, prevailed. One could see this as a late revenge on the almost eternal CDU Chancellor, as Merkel had at the beginning adopted all the achievements of the Schröder era, for which the SPD Chancellor was still punished. And now Scholz: He is adopting Merkel’s symbolic language. And abolishes the politics of the last SPD predecessor in the Chancellery without further ado. Minimum wage, end of Harz IV, diamond: this is the new turning point in Germany.

On Wednesday, after the negotiations were successful, a location in Berlin was chosen that looks at least as charming as the city of Duisburg. In the Westhafen the top of the negotiators and parties strode towards the quay of the press cordon. As Chancellor with the authority to issue guidelines, Scholz can raise his right arm and point his forefinger towards the future. The others march along, smiling. Even Norbert-Walter Borjans and SPD federal managing director Lars Klingbeil look fitting and happy.

The scene is reminiscent of the US comedy series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”: A tight but somewhat boring cleaner comes to Police Department 99, where there was chaos, but also a lot of happiness. Department 99 was to become the NYPD’s safest turf. Should.

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