The images that would reveal that Laurita Fernández and Nico Cabré are together again

It’s been a while since Nicolás Cabré and Laura Fernandez they are single And there is no lack of media that assure that one or the other started an affair with a famous person. However, in the last few hours, coincidences would have been detected in some photos that would reveal a reconciliation.

As usual in recent times, the possibility that the host of “Welcome aboard” and the actor would have been detected in the networks. Laura Fernandez showed certain images that coincide with others of Nicolás.

A proposal that would make fans of the couple happy.

Since the end of last year, when Laura Fernandez announced the separation of the actor, it was speculated that they would soon be together again. “This is not the time to speak for both of us. Yes, I can speak for myself and say that I am fine, ”she said, at the timethe actress.

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