The Imam of the Koran Burnings: “It’s like burning a pride flag during an ongoing festival”

On Wednesday, Kashif Virk and some colleagues from Islam’s Ahmadiyya Parish visited the Main Square in Linköping.

– Given the tragic events, the purpose of the campaign “Ask a Muslim” is to meet the public’s questions and fear of Islam. We believe that we can use freedom of expression to build bridges and to a better society, says Imam Kashif Virk.

What questions do you get?

– Of course, there are many questions now about freedom of expression, but otherwise it is mostly about sharia law, about women’s rights or about specific teachings in the Qur’an, he says.

Imams Rizwan Ahmad Afzal, Kashif Virk and Agha Yahya Khan visited Stora torget in Linköping on Wednesday. Photo: SVT / Lovisa Gelin

The violent riots and the controversial burning of the Koran by Rasmus Paludan made Imam Kashif Virk very upset.

– I have zero understanding that children, women and men throw stones and attack police. When it comes to burning the Koran, it is extremely offensive for us, when you have a political agenda and want to cleanse Sweden of Muslims, he says.

See more in the clip above how Imam Kashif Virk reacted after the riots and the new applications from Rasmus Paludan.

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