The immense happiness of Vicente Pizarro for being a starter in Colo Colo

One of the great projects that the formative football of Colo Colo is the steering wheel Vicente Pizarro. The 18-year-old player has always been one of the most prominent in the minor series and now, he is ratifying it in the first team where became one of the fixed players for the coach Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image.

Since his irruption in the title in the Cacique, he has become a key piece for the Quinteros game system and he won the starting shirt, which he has not released until today.

For this reason, Pizarro enjoys this great present that he lives in the club of his loves and this Tuesday he maintained that “I am very happy in Colo Colo. I have always dreamed of playing here. I feel good and ready to continue adding minutes. My goal is to keep playing, with the confidence that all my teammates have given me. “

“I want to give my grain of sand to the team, it will always be the most important thing. Tried to prove my game. The teachers always tell me what to do offensively and defensively. I have learned a lot in the minutes that I have had to play. Now we are focused on moving forward, on the team winning again, “he added.

Together with Pizarro, Bruno Gutiérrez, Luciano Arriagada and Joan Cruz are the other youth players who have been adding minutes in this tournament, since Jeyson Rojas earned the starting job since last season and Vicho revealed the feeling that his teammates have for being an important part of the first team.

“We are fulfilling a dream of the youth here, adding minutes and playing. We have prepared very well and we are very confident. Both I and all of us are very prepared and eager to continue contributing to the first team, “said Pizarro.

Finally, regarding his present and objectives, he stated that “I have fulfilled dreams, especially now that people have returned to the stadiums. It was very nice. Now come short-term objectives, go step by step to continue adding experience. I have to be prepared for when it touches me to do so, always contributing to the team. ”

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