The impact of WIFI-6E on virtual reality games

Speaking of the Wi-Fi upgrade to 6E, Kevin Robinson, Marketing Director of the Wi-Fi Alliance, said, “This is the most monumental Wi-Fi spectrum decision in 20 years.” Indeed, the space available to take advantage of WiFi will be multiplied by 2. This means:

  • Improved latency for services such as virtual, augmented or eSports reality.
  • Expanded channels that streamline the most bandwidth-intensive applications
  • More free space produces less congestion and interference.
  • While the maximum speed is 7 Gb/s with Wi-Fi 5, it is 11 Gb/s with Wi-Fi 6E.

Saudi Arabia pioneer


Saudi Arabia, aspiring to its rapid transformation, within the framework of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s Vision 2030, has adopted, in February 2022, this new version WIFI, reputed to be 5 times faster than the previous ones.

The kingdom intends to place itself among the world leaders in digital technologies, so as to reap substantial benefits from wireless technologies.

This is an extraordinary boost for video games, online casinos, especially those that offer live, augmented or virtual reality casino services.

The wavelength that the Live Casino was waiting for

The user’s gaming experience promises to be multiplied, in terms of realism, thanks to the addition of a third WiFi frequency band, bringing the transmission to 6 GHz.

The WIFI-6E is also very interesting for cloud gaming applications, which allow online casinos to outsource their applications and functions to remote servers.

These ultra-fast connections and the precision of this retransmission will be such that they will greatly amplify the sensations of actually being in a land-based casino, as soon as you put on the virtual reality headset.

In fact, all the Arab world covered by these networks could take pleasure in discovering these atmospheres recreated by wearing headphones.

When could this technology become widespread?

In France, the WIFI-6e is put into service in December 2021, but it is unfortunately not yet distributed by the internet service providers. In addition, most of the equipment available is not yet designed to be compatible.

The various devices using the 6 GHz band still need to be harmonized: this is the case for microwave links, the fixed satellite service and radio astronomy.

WIFI 6-E is likely to disrupt road transport and rail signaling systems. A better distribution of slots is being put in place, to allow smooth synchronization between all these devices.

How does WIFI-6E work?

WiFi 6 (E stands for Extended) is based on four protocols.

  • OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) is used to perform channel division when communicating with multiple devices simultaneously. This process avoids the congestion of the bands.
  • At the same time, Mu-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) has benefited from substantial improvements: all devices can now be connected to the WiFi network and communicate with the router simultaneously.
  • OBBS (Overlapping Basic Service Sets) provides unique network identification;
  • Beamforming allows a more localized stream of data to be transmitted to the deviceā€¦

OFDMA and OBBS will provide a better connection, even when the Wi-Fi environment is congested (in a building). Beamforming is not new, but the 802.11ax standard, whose objective is to improve the beginning by zones, makes it realize a leap forward.

Thanks to the TWT (Target Wake Time), the WIFI 6 transmits the order to the devices when they must go into standby or start up, a process that consumes much less energy than if it must operate permanently. Our batteries for smartphones, tablets or laptops will save energy.

Device compatibility

Among mobile phones, let’s mention for example the brand new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, compatible with WIFI 6E since 2022. In France, Orange, Bouygues and Free have just adapted their box to this new technology.

In recent months, we have seen that more and more devices are compatible: smartphone, laptop, network card. Apple will adopt the new Wi-Fi 6E standard in both its upcoming iPhone 14 lineup as well as its yet-to-be-discovered “Apple VR” mixed reality headset.

These technologies are backwards compatible with earlier versions, although some operators and manufacturers could skip WiFi 6E and wait for WiFi 7, announced from 2024.

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