The Imperfects: how does the Netflix series end?

Among the new features added to netflix last September 8 featured the series The Imperfects. Created by Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton, the plot revolves around three young adults, Tilda Webber (Morgan Taylor Campbell), Abbi Singh (Rhianna Jagpal) and Juan Ruiz (Inaki Godoy). After learning that an evil scientist has altered their DNA, giving them unique powers, the trio will embark on a perilous journey to find said scientist in hopes of finding a cure. The young heroes can also count on the help of Dr. Sydney Burke (Italia Ricci), a brilliant scientist who seeks to repair her past mistakes. In just a few days, this fiction in the vein of Teen Wolf has managed to establish itself in the Top 10 most viewed series on Netflix. But how did it end The Imperfects ?

What happened to the young heroes at the end of The Imperfects ?

When Tilda and Juan get their hands on Dr. Sarkov, the latter explains the reasons for his horrible actions. According to him, there is a complex relationship between the rapid degradation of the human genome, the expansion of the human population and the climate crisis. At the same time, Dr. Sarkov learns that Dr. Burke has developed a method that makes his need for nanobots obsolete. Finch—Dr. Burke’s evil alter ego—then agrees to give it to him, on the condition that he make the trio’s transformation permanent. To do this, they decide to use Juan as a guinea pig. However, this turns out to be the cure the protagonists were looking for. When the trio finally get their hands on it, only Tilda chooses to keep her powers in order to help peoplewhile Juan and Abbi are finally rid of theirs, but not for very long.

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Three months pass, and Dr. Burke is now at the head of an organization. This offers the possibility to his colleague to carry out his experiments again. However, he realizes that Dr. Burke’s evil alter-ego was the mastermind behind his operations, and that she was not acting alone. Indeed, the scientist reveals that she and Dr. Hallenbeck, who created Dr. Sarkov with his own DNA, worked together to induce Sarkov to create monsters. At the same time, Dr. Sarkov’s original plan comes to fruition and the people of Seattle begin to turn into monsters. Despite the young heroes’ attempts to stop him, the virus takes full control of the city. The end of Season 1 leaves some important plot points unresolved, avenues the writers can expand on if the Netflix series is renewed for a second season.

The Imperfects : has the Netflix series been renewed for a season 2?

As of now, the streaming giant has yet to confirm the renewal of The Imperfects. On the other hand, it is possible that the series will not be renewed for a season 2, due to its weak start. According to the website What’s on Netflixthe audience figures for the first four days online are not good, with only 3.4 million views“, i.e. a score lower than that of the series resident Evil, which was canceled in August. But if Netflix decides to grant a second season to The Imperfectsit’s a safe bet that the trio of actors, Rhianna Jagpal (Abbi), Morgan Taylor Campbell (Tilda), Inaki Godoy (Juan), will be back.

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