The implacable opinion of Dalma and Claudia Villafañe on the marriage of Gianinna Maradona

Gianinna Maradona He made a forceful decision that generated controversy in the family nucleus, his partner’s exes and the general public: he will walk to the altar, this May 10, hand in hand with Daniel Osvaldo, the man who currently faces various complaints for abandoning the children he had with three other couples.

In an interview with Carmen Barbieri, Dalma Maradona said that she will not speak more about that union, so as not to create controversy in the press, although she did make it clear that she did not agree with this romance.

The news, which was confirmed by the ex-partners of the boyfriend of Gianinna Maradonawas the subject of debate on all gossip shows, since some consider it to be a bad influence on the daughter of 10. Even Ana Oertlinger, the mother of one of the former player’s children, recommended Maradona “get out of there “, because it is a “good mine” that does not deserve so much suffering.

After several warnings, it seems that the wedding between Gianinna Maradona and Daniel Osvaldo is a fact. It will be a very intimate event, as only friends, family and relatives of the couple will attend, although none of the now singer’s children will be present. However, the curiosity grew to know what his older sister, Dalma, and her mother, Claudia Villafañe, think.

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