The importance of consent to avoid gender violence in Peru

In recent years there has been a large increase in cases of violence in the country. Peru registers 132 feminicides andBetween January and November of this year, that is, 4% more than 2020, according to the Ombudsman’s Office. Confinement due to the pandemic has forced many women to be locked up with their aggressors and the home has become a dangerous space for them.

LEE: Collectives and activists mobilize to demand an end to violence against women

In the framework of the 16 days of activism to eradicate gender violence, Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women launch their # siNohaySíesNo campaign to expand knowledge about the concept of consent and rethink the importance of “yes” and “no”. Starting on November 25, and during the 16 days of activism, various comics by seven Latin American illustrators will be spread whose content will develop situations of violence in the digital environment and the role of consent to detect them.

The campaign is aimed at women who today may be going through the cycle of violence, who are not aware of consent as a key or simply do not know how to proceed. TIt is also especially proposed to bring knowledge and make men aware so that they recognize, understand and modify their actions and it is a special proposal for young people and adolescents, so that they know how they can protect themselves and transform themselves towards a world without violence.

“During the pandemic, the use of technology connected us while generating new channels for a type of violence that must be made visible: digital violence. For this reason, the goal of the # SINOHAYSÍESNO campaign is to circulate widely in and through the networks, because what has been a misused critical space can also be a space to prevent and respond. We want to get people off “automatic pilot” when it comes to consenting to the digital universe.l “, he stated Carolina Henao Restrepo, Executive Director of the Avon Foundation for Women.

Is there only one type of violence?

Violence can occur in psychological, sexual, symbolic and economic and patrimonial way. Therefore, it is important to expand the information about consent:

● Consent must be explicit. The absence of a “no” is never equivalent to a “yes”.

● Consent can be withdrawn at any time. If I told you “yes” a little while ago, if now I say “no”, it is “no”.

● How I dress or put on makeup is not synonymous with consent for you to comment on my body or, worse still, to touch it.

● If I share personal images with you, I am not giving you permission to show them to anyone else.

MIRA: Women Lima line is launched to provide guidance on services and help to victims of violence

The Avon Pledge to End Violence Against Women and Girls

For the past 15 years, Avon has contributed to projects and initiatives around the world to end gender-based violence by donating US $ 80 million to Non-Governmental Organizations that support and provide assistance, thus reaching 14.2 million women. Avon has been a pioneer in providing opportunities for financial independence and also in speaking out to eliminate all types of violence against women, beginning its promise in 2004 in the world.

Its network of 5 million independent representatives also supports this promise by offering fundraising products and spreading awareness messages and campaigns. In turn, they constitute a special audience to whom Avon allocates spaces for training and support.

For its team of collaborators, Avon has been one of the first companies to develop an Approach and License Protocol for women in situations of gender violence. Through this Protocol, the collaborators find advice and support, including leave days. The Protocol has also enabled the Avon community to be trained in key concepts and leaders in awareness and first listening.

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