The importance of having a website with a shopping cart

With the pandemic, the migration to the digital world it was imminent. Commerce was one of the sectors that needed to move and adapt to new technologies in an accelerated way, but also safe for consumers, where to know What create a website It has been a fundamental tool for hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs.

Despite the fact that for many the technological tools were still something new, the entrepreneurs saw in these an opportunity to move forward and, in the future, obtain greater benefits. During 2021, electronic commerce or ecommerce reached 401,300 million pesos, which meant a 27% growth compared to the previous year, according to the Report “Online Sales 2022”prepared by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO).

Therefore, having a Web page With the possibility that users can have access to your products and services is a great business opportunity, as this will allow you to reach a greater number of people and, therefore, extend the marketing of your business.

How does a web page work?

In general terms, a web page is a set of codes that browsers can read and in which it is possible to find different content such as texts, audiovisual formats and links to other pages. But for an entrepreneur, a web page, in which it is possible to find more information about the business and the product or service that the client wants to buy and even buy it without leaving home, can be the essential step to make a sale.

Creating a website is what it takes to get real growth in your business. At present, there are different platforms to make a professional website or a self-managed online store that allows you to maintain control of your business no prior technical knowledge.

Today technological tools allow entrepreneurs self-manage their business, keep up to date with what is happening and continue to be close to your customers, all in one place in a simple way and without intermediaries. Find the one that best suits your needs.

Benefits of a website for your business

Although the benefits of a web page are very diverse according to the type of business you want to have, these are some advantages that a web page will give to your venture:

  • Inform about the product or service: Despite the fact that today more people opt for online shopping, there are still many users who are wary of these. That is why through a web page the user can obtain the confidence he needs, because here he will be able to realize the veracity of the business, find out about it, but also know in detail about the product or service that he wants to obtain through photographs, specific descriptions or other audiovisual elements.
  • Increase sales: If your visibility on the internet increases, so will your sales. The impact that the web has is impressive, and, therefore, with a web page you can have a greater impact not only nationally, but also internationally. Above all, if you have a well-structured page that is easy to navigate and buy, it will be recognized by your customers, increasing its value and with it your sales.
  • Gain presence on the internet: As mentioned at the beginning, having a digital space is essential today. Therefore, having a web page will help you expand your horizons, since anyone with a desire to obtain your service or product can find you on the web. Where it is also worth mentioning the importance of having an SEO positioning strategy.
  • Interact and maintain closeness with customers: Thanks to the fact that you can obtain feedback on the tastes and needs of your customers on the website, it will be possible to offer them more accurately what they are looking for. With online chats you will maintain direct contact and it will be possible to respond immediately to your doubts and concerns.

About online stores

have a website that processes payments (also known as an online store), in which you can customize the design, product description, shipping methods and payment methods, all without having to resort to a web programmer or having advanced technical knowledge, is another of the tools that can help your business optimize your sales in an easy and safe way.

Through an online store, you will allow users to browse through a catalog of products, add them to their shopping cart and buy at the time they decide.

Branded Content

Among other advantages of having an online store will be that your product or service can be purchased and reach any part of the city, the country or even the world. Mainly because you catalog will be available at any time and at any time of the day. While the costs of an online store are undoubtedly much lower than those of a physical store.

In addition, with a web page that has a shopping cart it is possible to have a connection with social networks, be it Facebook, Instagram or tools like Google Shopping and offer payments to MSI, as well as show exclusive offers.

The importance of regularizing your business

Although all the aforementioned benefits seem like a dream for any business and/or entrepreneur, the need for your business, like any other in the physical world, to be regularized under legal obligations It is very important to be able to grow and develop.

Registering your business or ventures before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) and registering it with the Tax Administration Service (SAT), to pay the corresponding taxes and to be able to generate invoices are steps that you must follow to regularize and give seriousness to your businessso that your customers buy your products or services with the confidence they deserve.

Advise yourself with an expert to regularize your business before starting operations, since this will avoid many problems in the future and will open up a world of opportunities for you.

The panorama of electronic commerce in Mexico

For entrepreneurs, the ecommerce or electronic commerce in Mexico has represented a great opportunity for growth. Where according to data from Statista, only in Mexico the value of this market exceeded 38,000 million US dollars in 2021. So, Mexican e-commerce positioned itself as the second most important online market in Latin Americasurpassed only by Brazil.

To be sure, consumer habits inevitably changed over the course of the pandemic, with businesses facing more change in the past couple of years than in the previous two decades. However, in the face of such sudden changes, the possibility of a new panorama that would benefit everyone was seen, in which more than a third of the Mexican population would choose to make purchases online, significantly increasing confidence in online purchases. line.

Currently, the perception of security in online shopping has improved and it is estimated that seven out of 10 Mexican buyers feel safe when buying online, where preferred payments are through credit or debit cards.

On the other hand, among the categories with the greatest demand are those related mainly to the fast food, fashion, and electronics.

Certainly, the digital world is here to stay as a development opportunity for large and small companies. For this reason, knowing how to use and take advantage of technological tools as a way to expand your business is essential if you want to be part of this new panorama.

A website or a digital store have great benefits, both for the entrepreneur and for potential customers. Having a good website will be the main ally to put your business on the map, increase your visibility and increase sales exponentially if you have good management and design.

In addition, among the many many benefits, it is possible to offer users different promotions and discounts that can only be found online and that contribute to savings. While thanks to search engines, it is also possible to compare prices of a product and evaluate the best option.

Therefore, having an effective web page, with a good positioning and that is reliable and safe for the client is of vital importance. Get closer to the different platforms that allow you to create a professional web page that suits your needs and interests and that allows you to self-manage your business without being an expert in this field.

It is clear that consumers increasingly prefer to buy online. Therefore, if your business does not have a digital presence, it is missing a growth opportunity.

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