The importance of the quarry to win the Chile Cup

The regulations of the Chile Cup required teams to use three Under 20 players and complete 180 minutes per game between the stonemasons, numbers that he more than met Colo Colo, since the quarry was vital to win the traditional trophy for the thirteenth time.

In obtaining the Chile Cup, the coach Gustavo Quinteros he used 10 players trained at home, eight of them complying with the regulations established by the Federation. This, because the captain Gabriel Suazo and scorer Iván Morales are over 20 years old.

The average age of the squad was 24 years old, where 42 percent were homegrown players, who contributed 35% of the minutes in the tournamentA very positive record for Chilean football and especially for Colo Colo.

On the breakdown of players’ minutes to comply with the ruleVicente Pizarro was the one who played the most. The 18-year-old midfielder was present in 435 minutes on the court, surpassing, for example, Morales who was 399.

Bryan Soto and Daniel Gutiérrez complete the podium of those who contributed the most with the sub-20 minutes with 243 ‘and 227 minutes respectively.

The quarry was present with everything. (Photo: Guillermo Salazar)

The other players from the quarry who also saw action in the Chile Cup were Bruno Gutiérrez (211 ‘), Joan Cruz (185’), Jeyson Rojas (176 ‘), Luciano Arriagada (39’) and Williams Alarcón, who managed to play three minutes before the end of his contract.

Undoubtedly, the contribution of the quarry fills us with pride, since they are the patrimony of the club and those called to become the future star of the first team, which is now a reality.

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