The increase in the capital toll advances, with an average of 38.9%

The increase in the capital toll advances, with an average of 38.9%

The resolution with the new rate chart will come out this month / EL DIA

The increase in the toll on the La Plata-Buenos Aires highway is getting closer, after the public hearing called by the Buenos Aires Government to “properly and truthfully inform, and submit to citizen participation, the proposals for price variations” . In the calculations that were made based on the new table, the average indicates a rise of 38.9% but in one of its segments.

With the new values, to go from La Plata to Buenos Aires, you will go from paying 84 pesos to 120 during peak hours. Outside of that period, the rate goes from 66 to 100. That indicates a rise of 42 and 55 percent, respectively.

While those who make this journey in the opposite direction will pay $90 during normal hours and $110 during peak hours.

After the hearing, the administrative process indicates the need for the resolution signed by the Minister of Infrastructure, Leonardo Nardini. That should happen within five business days.

The President of AUBASA (the state company in charge of the road), Ricardo Lissalde, stated that “we seek that the increase in the rate affects the pockets of the people who circulate on the Highway every day as little as possible, taking into account that the last adjustment was in April 2019.”

Along these lines, he added: “Let us remember that this measure from three years ago was applied by a direct decision of the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, who prioritized the economy of the people of Buenos Aires.”

Resolution 819/2022 that had been published in the Buenos Aires Official Gazette ordered the meeting in the Auditorium room of the Ministry of Infrastructure, at 7 between 58 and 59.

The meeting took place the day before with the coordination of the administrative and legal technical undersecretary, Juan José Llaser.

As noted at the public hearing, the current rate schedule has been in effect for three years

As indicated by the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Buenos Aires Ombudsman, Guido Lorenzino, was also invited.

In the basis of the measure, it was explained that the company Aubasa requested the modification of the current rates for the Buenos Aires-La Plata Highway.

It was indicated that the concessionaire “has submitted to the enforcement authority a proposal to adjust rates due to the incidence of price variation indices on its economic model.”

It was recalled that “the National Road Directorate authorized new rate schedules providing for an increase of 9.90% for 2021” and “approved new increases for the current year in the order of 26.40%”.

In this framework, it was pointed out that “the instances of participation of the interested parties in the administrative decision process, free access to information and government acts must be guaranteed, with the public hearing being a mechanism for citizen participation and consultation. to which the State can resort to make decisions on various matters of public importance.

The new rate chart

As reported by Infrastructure, for the section of the Dock Sud, Hudson, Gutiérrez toll, cars will pay $50 and $60 respectively (currently they are $33 and $42).

The common rate for motorcycles would be $30 and $40 for rush hour (today they are worth $17 and $21).

Meanwhile, for the section of the Quilmes, Berazategui, Bernal Toll: cars would go to $40 and $50 (today it costs $24 and $29), while for motorcycles it would be $20 and for rush hour it would reach $30 (it is in $8 and $13).

For larger vehicles, over 2.10 meters high and with two or more axles, the entire section will go from 300 to 600 pesos during normal hours and from 360 to 720 during peak hours.

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