The incredible change of look of a beloved actress of “Soñar Contigo”

“Dream about you” It is one of the Turkish telenovelas with which Telefe has shielded itself to remain the leader in audience every night, since neither El Trece nor América TV have managed to surpass their numbers.

And it is that this Middle Eastern drama has not only stayed with the audience because of the passionate romantic scenes that viewers see, since “Dream about you” It has also collected many followers for the touch of comedy that is reflected in each chapter.

With 8 points, “Soñar Contigo” was among the five most viewed Turkish novels in Argentina.

He has also liked it a lot because of the acting level that has permeated the entire cast of “Dream about you”since the main couple made up of Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir have stolen all the eyes of the public.

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