The "Indian" fiagiani asked "banking" to the kids and aimed against Javier Sanguinetti

Newell’s lost its streak of three consecutive victories after losing to Sarmiento de Junín on Saturday at the Coloso by 1-0. One of the important problems that the leprosy squad has is the number of injuries in games and training that made the team shorten. And one of the people who spoke about it was Daniel Indio Fagiani, the former player with leprosy, who is now the current assistant to Adrián Coria, the coach who took over the team after the departure of Javier Sanguinetti.

“Thank you players for the effort… thank you… I understand the disappointment of the fan and I mean it. Sarmiento, at home, I understand and absolutely accept what they think and what they say,” Indio posted on Instagram,

“I want to tell you, because I live with these guys every day, some things to consider that the journalistic trade does not tell you. We played our fifth game in 14 days with a squad physically diminished by the previous coaching staff (very poorly worked). 12 injured , we ended up playing most of the games with four or five players under 19 years old,” he continued.

“A boy (Esponda) made his debut and another boy played two games in a position where he had never played in the first division (Campagnaro). Excuses? Nooo… reality… I just want you to know what these players do to defend our shield today day,” he added.

In another part of the publication, after targeting Sanguinetti and his coaching staff, he asked to “bank the kids”: “Those who are outside, day by day, try to shorten the recovery days to be there because this is Newell’s and these guys know that they always have the support of the people; that’s why even with pain they train the same to be there”.

“I am not commenting on this to stay in the place I am today or to get out of defeat. The commission must calmly look for a DT but with Newell’s palate. It makes me very angry what some say without telling the truth. The coaching staff The previous one broke half the campus and they don’t say anything about that. It’s not an excuse but it is a reality,” he concluded.

Those injured so far are: Armando Méndez, Cristian Lema, Leonel Vangioni, Marcos Portillo, Julián Fernández, Fabián Ángel, Pablo Pérez, Marcos Benitez and Ramiro Sordo, Lucas Melano and Juan Sforza.

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