The Infiltrators (France 3): why do we prefer the original film to this thriller by Martin Scorsese?

Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson in front of the camera, Martin Scorsese in front: Infiltrators is a polar event, and very successful. However, some fans prefer the Hong Kong production of which the film is a remake: the virtuoso Infernal Affairs. That’s why.

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Maximum voltage. If you like stress and suspense, thrillers are for you. Some are specialists, like the French Olivier Marchal who gave us the recipe for a good “policeman”. Some productions are happy to surprise the audience, with turnarounds that have become legendary. Sometimes mayonnaise is hard to take, and certain films become the laughingstock of social networks. None of this for Infiltratorsquite the contrary.

Infiltratorsa brilliant thriller with a four-star cast

Released in theaters in November 2006, Martin Scorsese’s film is set in Boston. Billy Costigan, a young cop, has been infiltrating the Irish underworld for years. At the same time, Colin Sullivan, a brilliant police recruit, is in fact a mole of this same mafia within the forces of order. Carried by a dazzling cast (Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg), this great vintage from the American director has become a classic thriller. Everything is solid, square, superbly put together, and validated by a former agent in the fight against organized crime, hired as an expert on the set. But… a remake is still a remake!

Infernal Affairs(masterpiece) virtuoso and matrix

Because yes, Infiltrators is none other than the remake of a highly acclaimed Hong Kong production. Released in theaters (in France) two years before Scorsese’s film, Infernal affairs has earned quite a reputation among moviegoers. The plot necessarily resembles that of its American cousin, with the impressive radicalism of many Asian films, several of which have had more or less successful remakes. The virtuosity of the camera of Andy Lau and Alan Mak, the two directors, is reminiscent of the great hours of the glorious elders John Woo or Tsui Hark. And the magnetism of the two main actors, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Andy Lau, has nothing to envy to that of the American stars who will succeed them. A striking and matrix work, which gave rise to a trilogy, and, therefore, to a remake.

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