“The inheritance”: Michelle Renaud will be the protagonist of the new Televisa telenovela

A new Televisa production will soon hit the screens of all homes and will be called “The inheritance”, which will star the actress Michelle Renaud. This soap opera is produced by Juan Osorio and promises to be one of the most successful that has been seen in recent times.

Previously, Michelle Renaud starred in the Mexican hit “Quererlo todo”, produced by Ignacio Sada. In this telenovela the actress will participate with the Ecuadorian actor Danilo Carrera, who in real life was his partner.

Also, to Michelle Renaud He has also been seen in productions such as “Angeles without paradise” (2006), “Camaleones” (2009), “The color of passion” (2014), “The shadow of the past” (2014), “Passion and power ”(2015),“ The queen is me ”(2019), among others.

Michelle Renaud and Danilo Carrera ended their relationship on good terms.

That is why Televisa will surprise its fans with the telenovela “The Heritage”And this was confirmed by the producer himself Juan Osorio who announced that he has two other projects in the future.

The official protagonist is already Michelle Renaud”, He told the media in Mexico.


While at the press conference, Juan Osorio, did not want to give more details of what will be the new Televisa telenovela “La inheritance”, which could be known through the statements collected by the reporter Through his YouTube channel is that the recordings will begin in early December.

Actress Michelle Renaud has participated in multiple productions.
Actress Michelle Renaud has participated in multiple productions.

Precisely, Osorio specified that “we are already with everything”. It was also known that this new melodrama is a classic novel that is based on a Chilean story.


Upon confirmation of Juan Osorio regarding the actress Michelle Renaud would be the protagonist of “The Heritage”, It was the artist herself who showed her emotion to be part of this great Mexican production.

Michelle Renaud on Instagram.
Michelle Renaud on Instagram.

For this he used his social networks (Instagram) to express his feelings for this new project that will appear on the screens, apparently, in 2022.

How beautiful I felt! (…) Thank you for letting me play where I have the most fun“Michelle expressed in her Instagram stories.


The actress Michelle Renaud Ruesga She was born on September 9, 1988 in Mexico City (Mexico) and she was able to demonstrate her great talent from when she was still a child and was part of one of the highly rated soap operas called “Ángeles sin Paraíso”.

Over time, new productions would come to his life and he played Michelle Pineda in the telenovela “Rebelde” and that is how he started in the world of professional acting to date where he has participated in countless dramas.

His brothers are Julio and Esteban Renaud Ruesga. His mother was Laura Ruesga.

Another of the actress’s passions is singing, so she has managed to develop that talent, although she has not yet taken singing and music classes.

In 2020 She decided to support the campaign to fight breast cancer, arguing that her mother died of that disease.

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