The inspiration of the heart: the new romantic and musical series on Netflix

From September 21, a new Brazilian series is appearing on Netflix. With Inspiration from the heartwe will certainly have to choose between the success of a musical career and love.

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Is it better to choose love or glory? It is to this question, as old as the world, that Inspiration from the heart tries to answer. In this new Netflix series, released on the platform on September 21, the musical couple of Deusa and Tadeu are put to the test when the first is offered a solo career. their group, Só se for por amor, had only just taken off. Deusa and Tadeu must then find a way to stay united while the group’s lead singer abandons him to go and live her dream of glory and glitter in solo. For his part, Tadeu will not sit idly by. He and the other musicians of the group do not give up their dream of making music and look for a new singer. That’s when they cross paths with Eva, a talented composer.

The real Brazil in Inspiration from the heart

Inspiration from the heart is a Brazilian series directed by Luciano Patrick and Ana Luiza Azevedo, winner of the Palme d’Or for short films in 2000. The creators of the series precisely wanted to anchor the story in contemporary Brazil and believe, as they explain in an interview with Estadão, that it represents exactly what the country is today. If the plot takes place in the region of Goiás, in the center of the country, all the accents are represented, because “there is nothing less Brazilian than a single accent”. As you will have understood, Ana Luiza Azevedo invites viewers to watch the series in their original version.

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Inspiration from the heart : a new career step for Lucy Alves

As for the music played in the series, you can expect a lot of different styles, even though the director imagined it as “a desire to promote Brazilian music in another way”. We will therefore hear group covers from the 1990s as well as contemporary songs. On the interpretation, do not worry: the main actress of the series, Lucy Alves, who plays the role of Deusa began her career in as a singer. In 2013, she even reached the final of The Voice Brazil.

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