The integration of Ubisoft + in the Xbox Game Pass teased? We take stock

For a few months now, the industry can only see a certain rapprochement between Xbox and Ubisoft. Some imagine that Ubisoft + could arrive in the Xbox Game Pass insofar as the service will soon make its first steps on consoles exclusively on Xbox. The manufacturer also sows doubt in many minds because of a recent post, but think again, there is absolutely no conclusion to be drawn from it.

Xbox Game Pass: other Ubisoft games on the way

Ubisoft+ soon in the Xbox Game Pass?

In a patch notes for insiders who use the Xbox application on PC, we can find a mention of Ubisoft games which has challenged more than one. Indeed, the search for games would have been improved, especially for Ubisoft games.

Improved search results for all PC Game Pass titles, including those from EA Play and Ubisoft.

Some therefore allow themselves to announce that Xbox spat out the piece before the big announcement of the integration of Ubisoft + into Xbox Game Pass. Curious that such a big leak is still online…

In reality, users of the application understand very well where Xbox is coming from, since at present the search bar is absolutely ineffective in finding EA or Ubisoft games.

This is probably explained by the fact that the games of the two publishers come from launchers different from that of Xbox. At the moment, only two Ubisoft games are present in the PC Game Pass, namely Rainbow Six: Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction. They will also soon be joined by Assassin’s Creed Origins and For Honor.

It is undeniable that Xbox and Ubisoft are close, but there is no point in looking for false evidence that would announce the integration of the publisher’s service. Here, you just have to understand that the manufacturer is trying to improve the ergonomics of its application, which continues to be more intuitive over time. To be convinced, just look at the image below.

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