The intimate celebration of Colo Colo after winning the Superclásico

The solid and forceful triumph of Colo Colo In the Superclásico 190 of Chilean football against Universidad de Chile 3-1 at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium, it was celebrated serenely on the pitch by the Eterno Campeón players, although in dressing rooms, the story was different.

It is that the triumph and good game of the team deserved a more intimate celebration in the changing room of the sports complex was graphed with a beautiful postcard.

It is that just as the Cacique’s slogan has been during this 2021 season, they all celebrated together, as a family. Whether they are players, props, coaching staff, doctors and even non-mentioned players came to the dressing room to celebrate.

Unlike the previous Superclásico, here they did it with a mask, which reflects that they also learned from what happened in the first round where the next game had to be played with youth.

The celebration in the dressing room. (Photo: Sebastián Órdenes / Colo Colo)

Now the story is totally different, since the albos will be able to measure themselves against Ñublense with the entire first team, since the celebration in the dressing room in Rancagua was with all the corresponding sanitary measures.

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