The investigation is growing – two more detained after the cannabis crackdown outside Gävle

During Friday, charges would be brought against the man and woman who are in custody for involvement in the crime from before. Chamber prosecutor Krister Frykman tells SVT Gävleborg that prosecution will take time and that the investigation is growing at the same time.

– We still have not received any analysis answers and it will take time. Then it is that yesterday morning two more men were arrested in the case and are in custody, Frykman told SVT Gävleborg on Friday.

At the weekend, the men were arrested on suspicion of crime. He does not want to comment on who the men are, other than that they, like the people already in custody, do not belong in the Gävleborg region.

Go on too long

Krister Frykman has requested a further two-week extension before charges are brought in the case.

– But it probably won’t be clear then either.

See images from the attack in the video.

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Watch as the police carry the junkie out of the property in the video. Photo: Arvid Jansson/SVT

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